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Helicopterbangkok Co.,Ltd.
Helicopter for hire and sale provider for sightseeing and
special occasions like product launching and promoting company,
TV show, filming and Pre Wedding photo shoot
Also offers, yacht hire service for sea cruising in Pattaya sea and
supercar rental service for ride and photo shoot, all in one place

Helicopter Rental Services 

When talking about helicopter rental services, this might seem fresh and unfamiliar to many people as it is well-known for its price and privilege for businessman only. But nowadays, helicopter hire is continuously becoming popular because it is not only for business purposes but also for personal pleasure like seeing view from bird eye view and sightseeing

We present you a private helicopter rental service. Take you up in the sky by professional pilot who will facilitate you like you never be treated this way before. The destination is your choice and landing anywhere you desire where the parking allowed. 

We provide private helicopter rental per hour rate and event, as you wish

Where can you go if you hire helicopter with us

Of course, when talking about renting a helicopter, the first thing people have in mind is a businessman wants to travel fast, journalist or soldier who wants to fly surveying the area to collect information and rescue team in case of an accident scene is not possible to access by a car. So, we provide chartered private helicopter services for both normal and emergency purpose (available instantly upon agreement).

And we offer special services, an affordable helicopter chartered services for bird eye view tour and sightseeing. This experience will make your trip unforgettable and overwhelmed. With romantic routes such as embouchure of the Chao Phraya river, Bangkrajao, Phuket - Krabi beach; popular as the most beautiful beach in Thailand or exclusively fly and enjoy mountain scenery of Chiang Mai - Chiang Rai. Helicopterbangkok will sure fulfill your wishes.

If you seeing this and interested in renting a helicopter with us, you can make an inquiry about helicopter charter or ask us to arrange trips on your special occasions, all are welcomed. We value service quality and customer satisfaction.

Hopefully, we will be entrusted and get the opportunity to provide reasonable helicopter rental service and quality to every visitors of this website. Thank you.

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