Helicopter Charter 
One Stop Service
Helicopter charter for “sky sightseeing”

Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Phuket, Chiang Mai,
Ayutthaya and for other events like product
launch event, event, film shooting,
series filming, pre-wedding shooting
We also provide yacht rental service for
Pattaya’s ocean sightseeing, super car rental and
photo shoot full-integrated service
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Hi-class Romantic in Bangkok
Business international VIP flight
by Helicopterbangkok
VIP Helicopter charter for sky sightseeing with us

Bangkok Sightseeing



Pattaya Sightseeing

Phuket-Maiton Island Scenic Flight

Chiang Mai Sightseeing

Peninsula Luxury Package



Pre-wedding Photoshoot Package

Friendly price helicopter

charter service 360º view

sightseeing in helicopter

is not a fortune with world class

safety measure and

Super VIP service

 Super Hi-end Exclusive service

  • Chaopraya river and Bangkok sightseeing
  • Sky temple visit in Ayutthaya
  • Luxurious diner in Pattaya
  • Phuket: charming Andaman pearl
  • And other private sightseeing package

 Other VIP charter service

  • Private jet
  • Super car
  • Yacht party
  • Luxurious pre-wedding

"Dancing with The Clouds and Waves"

Why Helicopterbangkok???

Because we are expert in helicopter charter service with the best helicopter, pilot and cutting-edge engine 4, 5, 8 seats to serve you, for the most comfort and value.

We also have helicopter operational center in Bangkok in different areas

• Pattya
• Chiang Mai
• Hua Hin
• Phuket

“ Fly High , Live High, You’re... So High”   
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